ASUS has released the latest ROG Strix Fusion 700 Bluetooth Gaming Headset. Announced recently on their official website, the headset retains the design of the acclaimed Fusion 500, including the gold-tone metal case, and the RGB lighting zones, controlled by ASUS Aura Sync software.

The headset has implemented the audiophile-grade ESS Saber 9018 DAC and ESS 9601 amplifier. The DAC has high SNR and can output 24-bit/96kHz lossless playback. The Fusion 700 supports enhanced sound settings in conjunction with a 50mm ASUS Essence driver and improves on the material around the ear. The headset is also plug and play and can quickly switch to 7.1 virtual surround sound, developed in conjunction with Bongiovi Acoustics. The Fusion 700 supports Bluetooth version 4.2 to allow players to connect their headset to any device including phones or PCs, even allowing you to answer incoming calls by using the intuitive touch controls.

The Package Appearance
The whole package design for the Fusion 700 is nearly the same as their previous version for the Fusion 500
Package Front

Package Back

Package Sides

Package bottom contains ROG Logo with orange background

The inside package, The Mayan-inspired totem is printed on the inside of the box

Opening the box

The package has a very unique way of opening

On the top of the case, like Razer, Asus provides a thick greeting card

The main body of the Fusion 700

Under the headset body, there is another pair of normal earpads

ASUS has included a soft string bag, it has a similar feel to the bag provided inside the corsair power supply

The contents of the box

Micro USB connection cable

Product Analysis
The left and right ear shells are done in a plasma copper colour, and the mirror-finished surface treatment looks stunning. The RGB Aura sync adds to the appearance of the headset. In addition, memory form is added to the contact between the head bridge and the head support, and the outer layer is covered with a breathable material to reduce the burden over long periods of gameplay.

The Headband has ROG elements printed on

Front view and side view

The RGB lighting area

The built-in High-quality Microphone

The Bluetooth pairing and surround button

Micro USB socket

The telescopic headband is designed with Mayan-inspited totem line in the classic ROG style.

The gesture control. The user can slide up and down, left and right to control the volume, play/pause, next/previous song

‘Left’ and ‘Right’ signs are written on the inside of the headband

Taking out the ear foam, we can see the 50mm speaker unit

In the lighting effect software, ASUS Aura has been integrated and supports not only Windows but also Android and IOS

Usability Test
For headsets with built-in DACs, nearly all of them are plug-and-play. After the PS4 host is connected, it will switch to the headset module directly. By this stage, the gesture control can also be used. Personally, it is a convenient function for console controls.

With the long-lasting battery life, this headset will stay alive around 12 hours during our continuous gaming test.

In the gaming test, the surround sound function impressed us. In PUBG, the positioning is accurate, especially with the simulation of footsteps. In Tomb Raider, the echo of water drops and the wind effects in the cave create amazing atmosphere. In Nintendo Switch games, the performance of this headset excels in games such as Zelda or Stardew Valley, with sound effects presenting themselves as crisp and detailed.

We tested dozens of lossless music including different styles by using Foobar2000, the analysis of instruments layers is clear; the vocal part is just acceptable, HF(High frequency) is slightly flat, IF(Intermediate Frequency) is average, but sometimes the bass seems too thin, it’s more like a studio monitor, than a gaming headset. Overall, the presentation of the sound is a bit cold.

As an e-sport headset, Fusion 700 is superb, but the weight might not be for some, the headband is bit hard and the clamping force is tight.


ASUS ROG STRIX FUSION 700 OFFICIAL WEBSITE: https://www.asus.com/Headphones-Headsets/ROG-Strix-Fusion-700/

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