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According to Corsair, The new CORSAIR K70 RGB MK.2 SE is a master grade metal mechanical gaming keyboard built to last, with a silver-lined aluminum frame with ABS plastic cover and wrist pad, CHERRY MX Speed keyswitches, white PBT double-shot anti-slip keycaps and stunning per-key RGB dynamic backlighting. Fully compatible with Corsair owned iCUE system for colour synchronising.

The full specification is shown as:

The package of the keyboard:

After open the front cover, the keyboard is directly shows at the front:

The out the keyboard main body, we can find the instruction menu and warranty paper under it, and the wrist support pad with plastic bag protected.

There are no attachment or gift contains in the package. USB cable is extremely thick, has been separated into two headers at the end side.

OK, Let’s go ahead to the main body of this keyboard.
Actually, this keyboard has the ‘frame-less’ design, it will be easier to keep the whole keyboard clean of dust.

The shortcut key for changing profile, RGB bright level changing key and windoes key lock. the profile change key will shows different colours when changing profiles.

The mute-sound key and the volume potentiometer are located on the top right corner

The CORSAIR LOGO indicator is actually RGB setup.

The old fasion designed tape deck buttons have been put between number pad and the volume potentiometer.

The space bar has the Anti Slippery design.

The space bar also has two satellite supporters.

OK, It’s the time to take all keycaps off and have a look for the switches.

the play buttons are designed by membrane technology

The ‘Zero’ key and other long keys are have the same support design.

This screw is hidden under this cap:

The bottom cover inside looking:

The bottom cover outside looking:

The circus board looking:

The main board controller chip for this keyboard is the entry level 32-bit 50MHz NXP LPC11U68JBD100 MCU based on ARM Cortex-M0+/M0 Cores

Now, let’s getting into the RGB area!

RGB per switch! Look closer!

The corsair logo close look

Function keys light

PER-KEY Lighting setup, customised for ‘EPIC PC’

All right! Let’s get something fun – changing a more sexy keycaps! Chrome Silver? Chrome Gold? or Chrome Red?

Chrome Silver has been selected. It’s AWESOME for the HDR looking!

We clicked-on the wrist pad, then take a look!

Single Lightup & RGB Lightup!

The USB 2.0 port at the top rear side.

Side view for the keyboard, we changed back the original white keycaps.

The Corsair iCUE software UI

Click on the keyboard icon and get into the main run-time view.

iCUE Device Setting menu: we can review the Polling rate, Light Brightness, Layout, Device memory usage and Firmware version number here.

iCUE Keyboard Profile page, we can find the default profile and the on-board other 3 profiles.

User is allowed to import and export their own customised profiles

iCUE Keyboard Macro setting page, it’s the design for a simplification perpose from the in-game complicated combinations input.

iCUE Lighting effect design page, we can setup the per-key and area colour, effect action, or even the combination of them.

Then, we decided to create a customised profile for a unique looking style!
After  research, we are finding out that the SOFTWARE PROFILE can be assigned to the specific program or game, which means when you start to run the specific program or game, the profile will automatically switch to the customised one that you set up before, but the HARDWARE PROFILE cannot be assigned because it controlled by the onboard key, which means you have to switch to the current profile that you set up and replaced before.

Both of Hardware profile and Software profile page can be customised the background picture and icon

You also can save the customised profile to the hardware profile (replace one of the three original profiles).

After the profile setup, let’s see the change! When we open the game called ‘The Matrix: Path of Neo’, keyboard light and customised key binding will show like this:

Is it Cool? Absolutely YES!

After using this keyboard a while for playing PUBG and CS-GO, this 45cN MX SPEED SWITCH is fantastic, to compare with the previous K70 RAPIDFIRE, the smooth touch feedback for new PBT keycaps has definitely better than the old designed ABS keycaps. The re-designed wrist pad has a split-area design and much softer touch feeling than the previous K70, it’s not sticky and easy to get cleaned (washable). To test the keyboard response and Key roll-over function, we played the game ‘DJMAX-Trilogy’. As Corsair mentioned ‘100% ANTI-GHOSTING WITH FULL-KEY ROLLOVER’, it’s no any conflict when playing music game and different combinations include function key are still working perfectly.

Overall, this keyboard we have to say, it has improved a lot from the previous version, but the price for this product is a bit over and similar to the K95 Platinum. So it’s not that friendly for the CP Value. Plus, there is no keycap remover inside the package, as a hi-end level mechanical gaming keyboard, no customised keycaps or other just-for-fun gifts inside the package is actually not so likable for some hardcore gamer, even a Corsair metal sticker is better than nothing, isn’t it?

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