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According to Intel, this new limited edition i7 8086K, which is a 6 core 12 threads CPU could turbo boost up to 5GHz normally. It’s pretty much similar as the previous 4th Gen i7 4790K. Therefore, we are going to try a rough overclocking on this CPU under Corsair H100iv2 AIO CPU liquid cooling.

The test bench is under Intel Z370 platform, ASUS motherboard, a dual-channel 32GB Corsair DDR4

The software we are using is INTEL EXTREME TUNING UTILITY.
Here is the snapshot for the details for this 8086K:

The Cinebench result for this CPU is:

The idle CPU temperature under WC is around 30°C

Under 4.3GHz default frequency, we are trying to stress the FPU via AIDA64 and monitoring the temperature. It’s around 73°C

After the CPU has totally cool down, we are start to adjust the Core Ratio and Cache to 50x, then applied and run a benchmark. After a quick OC by simple ‘drag-and-approve’, the bench score has rises from 2367 to 2733, which is around 14% better improvement. Plus, it’s passed the stress test.

So, as we are so exciting in the further testing, the target frequency has been rises to 5.1GHz without a voltage adjustments. 5.1GHz is Passed!

Then, we directly drag the ratio to 52, the voltage is boosted to 1.424V, but the average temperature has been keep around 70°C, which is a positive-ranged feedback, it may go further.

There is no doubt that this CPU has passed the 5.2GHz

Then we re-run the Cinebench again, the result is totally different. It’s around 15% more on OpenGL test, 16% more on CPU Multi core, and 25.3% boost on CPU single Core, which is a huge improvement for gaming actually.

As a result, the Intel 8086K has impressed us! according to the OC result, it could be easy to boost to 5GHz without any trouble when Turbo boost has been enabled, and if you put this CPU under a LC cooler, it could go further then you expected. Unfortunately, we don’t want to void the warranty, so we haven’t try to delid it or doing any further OC work, but we still believe the 8086K has a huge potential for the extreme OC as well.

In addition, we are switched the CPU from 8700K to 8086K for Helios T1K and Helios T1KT. No Price Change! As this CPU is the limited edition, please hurry up to make the purchase!

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