ROG Whetstone Mouse Pad – Review

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The ROG Whetstone mouse pad compares well to competitors in the hybrid silicone-fabric category. It provides a smooth glide and high build quality that’s great for fast-paced gaming. The mouse pad also features a laser-cut ROG logo and slight bottom right cut out that adds some extra flair to your setup. It has some drawbacks including a slightly irritable surface texture and relatively small dimensions. However, the mouse pad is reasonably priced at AUD$45 and offers a low-friction alternative to the traditional soft mouse pad. This is a solid pick for the average gamer.


✔Low friction surface
✔Highly durable


✖Irritable texture
✖High price
✖Relatively small


The ROG Whetstone was used over a period of 3 months, with a variety of games being tested such as PUBG, CS:GO and League of Legends. The mouse tracked well on the moderately indented Mayan-inspired texture with no unwanted jumps. This textured silicone-fabric hybrid offered smooth mouse movement, rivalling the ‘friction-less’ SteelSeries dex mouse pad. Much like its competitor, the surface provides ample glide and minimal resistance.

ROG Whetstone logo and texture

With a soft silicone base and waterproof hybrid surface, the ROG Whetstone offers a premium build quality. Its dimensions are 320 x 270 x 2 mm; the 2 mm being a comfortable mouse pad thickness. Water and sweat do not stain the surface, providing a long lifespan and clean mouse pad. Additionally, the Whetstone is fully washable, making it feel brand new after each clean. The eight layered build of the mouse pad provides a welcome amount of cushioning, as well as reducing the possibility of frayed edges. However, after extended gaming usage, the straight-edged texture can become uncomfortable on the wrists. If you use a claw grip, this issue is pretty minimal, however, if you use a palm or fingertip grip you will notice it more.

ROG Whetstone design


The ROG Whetstone is a solid entry point into gamer-specific mouse pads, being a middle of the road soft-hard layered pad. Its biggest drawback is the slight wrist irritation from the hard-edged textured surface. The Whetstone is the same size as the SteelSeries Dex mouse pad but has slightly more friction. When compared to more traditional mouse pads, the size is relatively smaller, and the cost is higher at AUD$45. If you want a sleek-looking mouse pad, with relatively low friction and use a claw grip (minimising the texture irritation), the ROG whetstone will deliver.

Disclosure: This product was individually purchased by the reviewer in Australia from Capitol Computer and has no affiliation with the brand.

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