Steelseries Dex Mouse Pad – Review

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The Steelseries Dex mouse pad is one of the best friction-less mouse pads on the market. Its surface is perfect for gaming where reaction time is paramount, providing a smooth and consistent glide. Added to this is its high durability and anti-fraying edges. Despite its high price point the Dex is still a superior mouse pad for gaming and will surely be on our shortlist for best gaming mouse pad of 2018.



✔Friction-less surface
✔Highly durable


✖High price
✖Relatively small


Whilst reviewing this mouse pad, I fired up games such as CS:GO, PUBG, and League of Legends. During this play testing I found the movement of the mouse to be effortless, with almost zero friction being felt between the mouse and mouse pad. This smooth gliding provides a good base to use a lower dpi, increasing accuracy but still enabling fast movement if needed. If you enjoy a higher dpi, the Steelseries Dex still provides accurate micro-movements with almost no initial friction on movement.

Steelseries Dex Raised Pattern

Steelseries Dex Raised Pattern

Build Quality

The Steelseries Dex is slightly smaller than other mouse pads at its price point, being 320x270mm. It has an orange silicone base, with a raised and patterned composite fabric surface. The base and surface are heat-bounded reducing any fraying of the edges. The Dex is fully waterproof; this was tested by pouring half a glass of water on the mouse pad, after a quick wipe it was fine to use immediately. The silicone base is adequate for the most part, with very minor movements if your wrist or hand catches on the mouse pad.

Steelseries Dex Size and Surface

Steelseries Dex Size and Surface


The Steelseries Dex is a superior gaming mouse pad, with effortless gliding and high build quality. The main drawbacks include its smaller size in comparison to other mouse pads at its price point and a high price tag of AUD$49. Although, I firmly believe the price tag is justified considering its effectiveness; this is why I have given it 4.5/5.

Disclosure: This product was individually purchased by the reviewer in Australia from JB HI-FI and has no affiliation to the brand.

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