Benq Zowie FK1 – Review

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Before considering the FK1 you should browse the entire Zowie range. Zowie has an extensive range of mice to suite just about every hand shape from ambidextrous low profiles such as the FK series to the ergonomic right-handed hook design of the EC series. You should go to their website and browse their range before considering the FK1 ( I hope to get a hold of all of these (or at least 1 of each series over time). At the centre of Zowie’s entire range is a 3310 optical sensor so you should be basing your choice on the size and fit of the product and not the performance. For performance notes you can still use this review for the other mice in the zowie range.


When a friend asks me what mouse they should buy, the Zowie FK1 is my go to recommendation if they are an FPS player (or have a preference for light mice). Weighing in at just 90g it puts the user in complete control over every movement with the super accurate 3310 optical sensor backing up the light weight. It’s perfect for both a claw or palm grip and I often find myself swapping between the two depending on what I’m doing.

The design of the FK1 is stunning and will fit just about every gamer’s desk/setup. It comes in matte black and is adorned with the new red zowie logo towards the back of the mouse which looks nice. The side buttons are positioned perfectly and despite being close to your thumb position I don’t find that I accidently click it even when in an intense gun fight. The mouse wheel matches the rest of the mouse in a matte black and sits at a low profile just like the rest of the mouse.

As for the size of the  FK1 it’s about 60mm in width at the smallest point and about 67mm at the largest point. Its 128mm in length and the height ranges from 37mm in the middle and 27mm at the front. Check out the diagram from Benq’s webpage below.
The Zowie range is powered by the super accurate 3310 optical sensor which operates at a set range of 400/800/1600/3200 DPI and a polling rate between 125/500/1000hz. Possibly one of the only downfalls of this mouse is the fact that you can only use the on-board sensitivity stages that Benq provides to you. This can be solved in-game via mouse sensitivity options but it can get a bit annoying having to adjust the mouse to your preference in every game you play (if you want something outside of their set DPI sensitivities). On the plus side these are controlled at the bottom of your mouse and can be done on the fly with a handy LED light ensuring you know what DPI profile you are on.

The switches are the huano switches, they are fairly firm in their presentation and make an audible click but perhaps less satisfying than the omron switches that other competing brands boast. This will be up to personal preference so nothing to complain about here but definitely nothing out of the ordinary.


You may have never heard of the brand Zowie before Benq’s acquisition in 2016 but they have a long reputation of producing competitive gaming mice. Benq is a company that has never attempted to enter the peripheral market but through Zowie they are pushing a new breed of gaming peripherals targeted towards just about every end user. This is an in-depth look into the rebrand of one of their most popular competitive mice; the Benq Zowie FK1.


✔Lightweight design makes it perfect for FPS
✔‘Plug and Play’
✔On the fly DPI switch
✔Super accurate 3310 Optical Sensor
✔Nice color scheme
✔No Software
✔Side buttons are well placed


✖Can only choose between 400/800/1600/3200 DPI settings
✖No detachable cable, cable is also plastic (I normally prefer braided)
✖No Macros
✖Side Buttons are not programmable and are limited to either the left or the right being on at one time

RATE : 5/5

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