AR/VR takes the lead, is it really the future?


AR/VR takes the lead, is it really the future?

Every year, CES is the occasion for Intel and AMD to unveil their latest CPU and graphics products, and in recent years all sorts of technological innovations in the automotive sector have been heavy news at CES. These two seem to have become a regular feature of CES.

But this year, apart from Intel, AMD and car manufacturers, the other main attraction in our eyes was AR/VR devices.

Taking advantage of the meta-universe, manufacturers such as Sony, Panasonic, Sharp, Thunderbird, Canon and Skyworth released a number of eye-catching AR/VR products at this year’s CES, notable among them being the VIVE XR Elite released by HTC and the Thunderbird X2 released by TCL Thunderbird.

Headset Case

The biggest feature of the VIVE XR Elite is that it is extremely light and compact. As you can see from the picture above, the VIVE XR Elite can be stored in a storage tube the size of a thermos.

Easy detached design

This XR device has the flexibility to switch between a VR headset and AR glasses, while the hardware performance is quite good, with a binocular 3840*1920 resolution, 110 degree viewing angle and 90Hz screen refresh rate, which can support resources on a PC well.

TCL RayNeo X2

TCL Thunderbird AR Glasses RayNeo X2 is an AR glasses with a 16 megapixel camera that supports shooting photos, videos and time-lapse photography. This AR glasses comes with smart GPS navigation and also pop-up alerts to inform users when they receive calls and messages. What’s more, the AR glasses may also support directional audio technology, allowing users to listen to music through the glasses.

In addition, the AR glasses also bring to life the real-time AI translation touted at last year’s Google Developer Conference. According to information revealed by TCL, this product will be available in mass production in the first half of this year.

CES 2023 also brought us many new products. CPUs and graphics cards from Intel and AMD are a constant theme, and new products from the automotive industry have been a hot topic for the past two years. In addition, products that are interesting, fun and practical are also a highlight of CES. For those who are not satisfied with this article, you can also visit the official website of CES to learn more.