SHARPEN YOUR GAME! MSI Katana GF76/66 X Sword 17/15


Legend has it that in ancient times, there existed a legendary sword that was imbued with the dragon’s soul. The blade was as sharp as thunder and as resilient as a golden stone. Every swing of the blade would blow up a gust of wind like a hurricane and every blow would seem to ignite the sky in a fiery tempest. This legendary sword was forged by the Dragon Clan of lore, experts in sword making for generations beyond count. No weapon stands equal to this mighty sword. People speak in hushed tones of this “Dragon Blade.”

For millennia, the Dragon Clan have lived on Dragon Island. As the dragon’s Chosen Ones, they fiercely guard the Dragon Sword here with a powerful magical seal. To repel outsiders with sinister intentions, the new generation of the Dragon Clan will break the seal, grasp the Dragon Blade, and gather the power bestowed by the immortal dragon soul on the tip of the blade to march towards a new century in confident stride.

The Dragon Clan inherited the power of the dragon and created various types of powerful equipment: their jet-black armor provides absolute protection. The pieces of armor painted with the Dragon Clan’s family crest symbolizes honor and makes their defense as impenetrable as a mountain. Their helmets, endowed with the dragon’s power, predict enemy movements with clarity. In reconnaissance missions, they can even don a light cloth armor to conceal them- selves in any environment. Faced with enemies in all corners, the Dragon Clan are transformed into invincible warriors in the name of the dragon. They have unleashed the power of the dragon, and now wield the mighty Dragon Blade to launch counterattacks and quash all evil.

It is with this sense of justice that the Dragon Clan chose to break the seal and set out on auda- cious quests. This is exactly what MSI strives for in its lineup of products. In order to empower all gamers to enjoy the fun of e-sports, MSI has created the innovative Katana GF76/66 and Sword 17/15 with the same exquisite craftsmanship and spirit used to forge the Dragon Blade.

This time, the famous illustrator Tsuyoshi Nagano was invited to collaborate with MSI based on the concept of katana, and developed an exclusive concept character for Katana GF66/76 and Sword 17/15.Tsuyoshi Nagano specializes in depicting historical figures through oil paintings. His most famous works are cover art for games such as “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” and “Nobunaga’s Ambition”. His delicate and realistic style has also influenced the Tsuyoshi Nagano is dedicated for all the characters he created, and his dedication in the gaming field coincides with MSI’s long-term cultivation. We both have sophisticated spirit and tailor the GF series and visual ideas together specifically for gamers.

The inspiration originated from katana. It’s one of the pinnacle manifestations of craftsmanship. The origin of the katana can be traced back to the 4th to 6th century AD, and it was introduced through China and Korea. A unique, mature and complicated knife-making method has since been developed over centuries. Katana is not only nappreciated from the philosophical spiritual level of technical science, but also widely considered a high level of artistic realm.

Katana can be described as a work of superior craftsmanship with its functionality as a weapon and elegant minimalist design. Through the heat treatment of steel, it achieves both hardness and toughness. Katana shows a craftsmanship spirit of striving for the best and also holds a high artistic value in the history of swords. MSI incorporates the characteristic of sharpness and toughness into the new Katana/Sword series.

The new Katana GF76/66 and Sword 17/15 are different from the last genaration in appearance. It will be available in black and white to allow gamers to express their personal style. It has a katana-like sharp, solid body that is both tough and durable while offering a light profile akin to light armor.

The GF series are equipped with the latest 11th gen Intel H series processor and NVIDIA GEFORCE RTX 30 series graphics. The powerful specs are as strong and powerful as a katana and optimized to unleash true performance during gameplay. gamers are able to enjoy smooth and responsive gameplay, just like a warrior of the Dragon Clan brandishing a mighty sword. The laptops are also equipped with MSI’s signature Cooler Boost cooling system. The specially designed air inlets and outlets resemble warrior armor. They can be found on both sides and at the bottom of the main chassis, which offers excellent heat dissipation efficiency. This allows the processors and graphics cards to run at the optimum performance so that you can shine on the battlefield.

MSI’s s signature Cooler Boost 5 cooling system is like a tightly arranged battle armor. It has the most efficient cooling design that can effectively remove heat in real-time, allowing both the processor and the graphics cards to run at top performance. This will enable gamers to play to excel on the battlefield. Ensuring gameplay runs smoothly without any hardware obstacles will create opportunities for more people to experience and join the world of e-sports. With e-sports enthusiasts always at the top of our considerations, the GF series is sure to be the first gaming laptop of choice for gamers.

Now, pick up the Dragon Sword bestowed with the powers of the dragon, and battle on to the new heights!