Recently, we received the new fan pack, Jupiter AJ120, from InWin. This package includes 3 high airflow case fans, some anti-vibration stickers and a SATA powered RGB controller. The AJ120 series still maintains the daisy chain design, and come with a built-in RGB extension cable to reduce the difficulty of wiring, the ARGB fans supports ASUS AURA, Gigabyte RGB Fusion, Asrock Polychrome SYNC and MSI Mystic Light. The new EPIC PC case fan test bench will be used to measure the performance.

So let’s dig in the details.

Product Specification

INWIN JUPITER AJ120 Tech Specs from Official Website


Product Unboxing

Package Appearance
The outer package

These fans are wrapped by a thin-layer of transparent plastic, ARGB 3 pins extension kits and some case screws are included

ARGB controller and the anti-vibration pads

Product Analysis

The AJ120 main looking
7 half-transparent blades without Diversion grooves but with trim design
The square shell is made by PBT

The Fan I/O includes a 4-pin PWM header and a 4-pin extension header
The RGB I/O includes a 3-pin ARGB 5V Header and a 3-pin ARGB 5V Header extension
This is a very useful and smart design

Colour Aesthetics

The RGB effects from InWin official website

The RGB effects we tested

The overall RGB effect is good, the fan blades are semi-transparent but the light conductivity is normal, the colour-missing is sometimes missing in the middle of the fan blades during high-speed rotation. The LED light balls are hidden inside without being exposed, and the light guide of the inner and outer rings is fairly even, with a thin-layer ring effect.

Test Bench Introduction

Before the test, we are introducing the EPIC PC FT-MKI Fan tester.
Currently, this tester can measure the blowing speed and pressure. We are going to add more functions such as RGB socket, Radiator pressure support, voltage adjustment and temperature measurement in a future upgrade.

This tester includes a STW 4-channel Main PWM Fan controller with temperature sensors

The digital screen is separated into two areas: LEFT – FAN SPEED | RIGHT – TEMPERATURE

If a fan is connected to the header 1, these knobs are used to control the fan speed from 0% to 100%

A Professional PM6252B Anemometer from PEAKMETER is the Main Fan tester

The Anemometer is used to test the fan pressure and power

The EPIC PC FT-MKI Fan tester modular parts – Controller Socket

The EPIC PC FT-MKI Fan tester modular parts – 120mm Fan Wind Tunnel

The EPIC PC FT-MKI Fan tester modular parts – 140mm Fan Wind Tunnel and the back I/O

The EPIC PC FT-MKI Fan tester modular parts – Anemometer Socket

Air Flow Benchmark

Test room temperature : 21℃±2℃
Test Fan Model : InWin Jupiter AJ120
Test Fan Speed RPM : 1830 RPM

Under the Flow test, this InWin AJ120 has 70.30 CFM under 1830 RPM

Test Fan Flow CFM : 70.30 CFM
Test Fan Pressure : 0.03m3/s

These results perfectly match the official specification. We are satisfied with the testing results.


This is our first test of a case fan. More tests such as wind noise, wind temperature, will be added in the future.

InWin AJ120 can reach a full speed of 1830 RPM and has an air volume of 70.30 CFM. As a case fan, this result is already excellent.

For the price, only AU$59 for a pack of 3 and ARGB controller included, it’s extremely valuable, even a Coolermaster MF120R ARGB fan is AU$25 each without extra accessories. If you have any powerful ARGB fan controllers, it’s easy to control the AJ120 with fancy appearances.